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Instant Onboarding
Start selling and collecting payments in 30 seconds by creating a free online store on Sellfie
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Manage orders, payments and settlements from multiple channels in one single dashboard.
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Increase sales through buyer protection guarantee for buyers and interactive chat
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Having multiple payment options is way more convenient for online shopping processes. This feature allows you to pay via Netbanking, Debit/Credit Card, Wallet etc.
Integrated Chat
When in doubt, you look forward to discussing your concern with your respective buyer or seller. Sellfie lets you do the same thing without sharing your personal details.
If you can’t access your phone, yet want to use the application, we can now help you. Manage your orders from any platform such as Desktop, Laptop or Mobile.
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With the new Sellfie App, you can now sell products instantly on various media platforms. Also, enjoy the most convenient way of collecting payments from your customers. Why wait? Experience it now!
Ann Bonney
“With Sellfie, selling on social media has become easy for me.When the product gets sold out they go offline which makes the order management easy. Customers can chat or even share pics directly with me on Sellfie and request for customization which keeps both of us happy.”
“A lot of my customers contacted me on social media with orders and questions. Tracking my orders across all platforms took time away from making sticks. But now that i have an online store on Sellfie I don’t have to worry about it anymore. Sellfie has reduced my effort to just one click as it takes a picture of my stick and gets posted on all the platforms like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp"
Renelle Snelleksz
“We usually get the word out by exhibitions and pop-up shops here in Mumbai but now with Sellfie, Alive has an online store and and it literally took us less than 30 seconds to create it and now we have customers across India buying Alive products using their Debit cards, Credit cards and Mobile wallets"